Welcome to School Partners Abroad, an exchange program involving U.S. and Japanese high schools.!  We are very excited to have this opportunity to help you develop an international school-to-school exchange at your school.  Your decision to enter into a link with a partner school in Japan will enable your students, faculty and staff, and local community to broaden their international perspectives and provide them with the opportunity to play a proactive role in becoming the global citizens of tomorrow, in this ever evolving intercultural and interdependent world.


School Partners Abroad was developed as a curricular resource to complement secondary foreign language and social studies programs, while providing the opportunity for students and faculty to gain first-hand experience of life in another country.  School Partners Abroad is designed to involve the entire school community, not simply the students who are selected to travel, enabling the whole community to develop relationships across cultural and linguistic boundaries.  As school-to-school partnership continues over time, the impact of the program grows as the partner schools become better acquainted and build each year’s activities on the experiences of the previous years.

School Partners Abroad is administered by staff of the Japan Association for Promotion of International Understanding (Japiu) in the U.S. and Japan  The staff cooperates with local education authorities to set up the school-to-school links.  School Partners Abroad provides full logistical support for participating schools in the U.S. and Japan at competitive rates.

Teachers and administrators at participating schools play a vital and invaluable role in local implementation of the program.  It is through their time and effort that the benefits of the partnership become accessible to students and the school community, both inside and outside the classroom. 


Students, teachers, host families and communities have gained a global understanding through School Partners Abroad since 1947. During that time SPA has linked public, private, religious, small, large, urban and suburban schools with partners overseas. Many partnerships have endured over a decade.


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